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If you are part of an underrepresented group in OA, you may want to try a Special Focus Meeting.  There are Special Focus Meetings for a variety of underrepresented groups. Some external websites listing these are shown below. Please note the time zone for each. All OA meetings are open to ALL members; however, Special Focus Meetings can help some members feel more at home. search listing for special focus meetings

Visit for more listings. Click on ‘additional search options’ toward the bottom of the page to select a category. Search criteria here was current as of May 2022.



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Literatura Española Gratis

Tenemos literatura española para dar. ¡Mira!


10 copias: Guia para el Inventario del Cuarto Paso de Comedores Compulsivos Anónimos
160 copias: Herramientas De Recuperación
82 copias: Antes de Tomar Ese Primer Bocado Compulsivo, Recuerda…
144 copias: Los Miembros de OA Vienen en Todos los Tamaños
42 copias: Un Plan de Comidas
164 copias: Muchos Síntomas Una Solución
163 copias: Quince Preguntas
112 copias: Sobre OA


10 copies: 4th Step Inventory Guide
160 copies: The Tools of Recovery
82 copies: Before You Take That First Compulsive Bite, Remember…
144 copies: OA Members Come in All Sizes
42 copies: A Plan of Eating
164 copies: Many Symptoms One Solution
163 copies: Fifteen Questions
112 copies: About OA


29 copias: Solo Por Hoy (algunos tienen daños leves por agua)


29 Copies: Just for Today

Sólo tienes que rellenar el siguiente formulario.

    Your Name / Nombre:

    Your Email:

    Telephone: (optional)

    Elija el número de copias que desea para cada título. Atenderemos la mayor cantidad posible de su solicitud. Choose the number of copies you would like under each title. We will accommodate as much of your request as possible.

    Guia para el Inventario del Cuarto Paso de Comedores Compulsivos Anónimos (elegir hasta 5) / 4th Step Inventory Guide (choose up to 5)

    Herramientas De Recuperación (elegir hasta 30) / The Tools of Recovery (choose up to 30)

    Antes de Tomar Ese Primer Bocado Compulsivo, Recuerda… (elegir hasta 20) / Before you Take that First Compulsive Bite, Remember... (choose up to 20)

    Los Miembres de OA Vienen en Todos los Tamanos (elegir hasta 25) / OA Members Come in all Sizes (choose up to 25)

    Un Plan de Comidas ((elegir hasta 15) / A Plan of Eating (choose up to 15)

    Muchos Sintomas Una Solucion (elegir hasta 30) / Many Symptoms, One Solution (choose up to 30)

    Quince Preguntas (elegir hasta 30) / 15 Questions (choose up to 30)

    Sobre OA (elegir hasta 20) / About OA (choose up to 20)

    Solo Por Hoy (elegir hasta 10) / Just for Today (choose up to 10)

    Where should we mail your literature? / ¿Adónde debemos enviar su literatura?
    Address Line 1:

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    Postal Code:





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