Committee Descriptions

Application for Committee Chair

Intergroup Board and Committee Chairs are selected in November for the following calendar year. Open positions of course may be filled at any time. Job descriptions can be found in the IG Bylaws Article IV, Section 7 on page 7. Use the  Board Nomination Form to apply for any board position. The Committee Chair position duties are described below. Use the Committee Chair Nomination Form to apply for any chair position.

If you would like to serve on one of these committees we would LOVE to have you. Please contact our current Intergroup Chair if you have questions or want more information. Although a committee may not currently have a chair, there is still work to be done and help needed to keep the OA Fellowship going. If you would like to chair a committee, see Committee Chair Qualifications below.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

Some committees may be single person while others may have many committee members.  All committee chairs have common responsibilities as shown below:

  • Attend Intergroup meetings and create and share monthly reports and documents electronically and by paper, if needed
  • Create budget requests and monitor committee expenses

Committee Chair Qualifications

  • Be working the Twelve Steps of OA.
  • Have knowledge of OA’s Twelve Traditions
  • Have a knowledge of OA’s Twelve Concepts
  • Currently be abstinent
  • Be or have been an OA IR for a minimum of six months

Committee Chair Job Descriptions

IR Trainer

Facilitate Intergroup Rep effectiveness by creating and using tools to help IRs share within their groups and at Intergroup; maintain a sample “IR notebook” with extra copies of materials for new IRs; maintain and distribute the SoAZ OA “We Care” list; mail out meeting materials to absent IRs; create a process for IR and other Intergroup member sign-up to Intergroup committees; act as designated downloader for SoAZ Intergroup by visiting OA, Inc and other OA websites for appropriate documents to share and attend monthly Intergroup meetings. Encouraged to attend monthly Board meetings and write a newsletter article describing committee responsibilities and activities/achievements.

Lifeline / Resource Library

The responsibility of informing all Intergroup members of OA resources has moved to other committees.  Since this OA magazine is no longer being published, this committee is no longer active.

Meeting List

Prepare and update the meeting list with any changes and bring paper copies to Intergroup.


Create newsletters with articles by local OA members and from other OA sources.  Distribute the newsletter to an email list of members who want electronic copies.  Publish upcoming OA events and include the current meeting list in the newsletter.

Public Information/Professional Outreach (PIPO)

Maintain contact with health professionals within our communities.  Attend health fairs and like events with OA members who can share their own experience, strength, and hope.  Create resources such as flyers and OA literature for posting in public venues and sharing at events.

Special Events

Plan and/or oversee events such as IDEA, Unity Day, Sponsorship Day, Thank-A-Thon, and the annual Retreat.  Select venues and purchase or create handouts or props.  Create flyers and communicate with Intergroup members about upcoming events.  Ways and Means is a subcommittee of Special Events.


Update the voicemail greeting on the mailbox of 520-733-0880 as needed and create a committee of members who will each have a day of the week for checking and returning messages.  Create a training document and train new volunteers.  Ask the SoAZ Treasurer for monthly reports of the messages billed.

Twelfth-Step Within

Plan events that support the TSW committee’s mission of sharing information and ideas that generate recovery within the fellowship.  Select venues and purchase or create handouts or props.  Create flyers and communicate with Intergroup members about upcoming events.


Update and modify the website as needed.  Monitor software and licensing updates and expenses.  Create and share the SoAZ Call to Action lists.  Post information and event documents and encourage usage of the website among OA members.