About Meetings

Meetings are gatherings of two or more compulsive eaters who come together to share their experience, strength, and hope gained from the OA program. If you are new to OA, you might ask, “How do I find a meeting?” or “Which meeting should I attend?”

It really doesn’t matter which meeting you attend; newcomers are welcome at any meeting. What’s important is just getting to a meeting! Pick a meeting that is convenient, one that fits your schedule and is close to your home or workplace. The current meeting schedule shows meeting times, locations, and area of town for each meeting.

We suggest that you attend five or six different meetings if possible to determine which ones suit you best. Meetings have slightly different formats, and like the members themselves, different meetings have different personalities. Feel free to call the contact person listed for a meeting you plan to attend, and stay after the meeting to talk to OA members who can answer your questions about the program.

Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous. Welcome home!