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Public Information and Professional Outreach (PI/PO)
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Intergroup Reps

Intergroup Binder Files

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Officers and Committees

2024 Board Members

Chair, Cheryl L.
Vice Chair, Cynthia N.
Secretary, Janis R.
Treasurer, Emily R-S
Senior Region 3 Rep and WSBC Delegate, Barbara V.
Junior Region 3 Rep and WSBC Delegate, Joy V’M.

2024 Committee Chairs

IR Trainer, Chris N.
Meeting List / Zoom Coordinator, Jan F.
Newsletter, Judy G.
PIPO, John W.
Retreat, OPEN
Special Events, OPEN
Telephone, Roni B.
Twelfth Step Within, OPEN
Unity with Diversity Community, Rae S. & Stephanie G.
Website, Joy V’M.


Committee Service

About OA Service

Service in Overeaters Anonymous takes many forms – it is part of the twelfth step of OA to help carry the message to the suffering compulsive eaters. Many of us start service the first time we step into an OA meeting and decide to share. We do service at all levels of the OA fellowship including individual, group, area- or Intergroup, regional and world service. We do our service voluntarily, and mostly with gratitude to give back what has been so freely given us.

Volunteer for a Committee

There are no requirements, any OA member can serve on any committee. If you would like to serve on one of these, we would LOVE to have you. Please contact the Intergroup Chair at if you have questions or want more information.

Although a committee may not currently have a chair, there is still work to be done and help needed to keep the OA Fellowship going. If you would like to chair a committee, see Committee Chair Qualifications below.

Chair a Committee

A. Complete the nomination form.

B. Send the form to the Southern Arizona Intergroup Chair at

Common responsibilities for a Committee Chair

  • Attend Intergroup meetings, create and share monthly reports and documents electronically and by paper, if needed
  • Create budget requests and monitor committee expenses


  • Be working the Twelve Steps of OA.
  • Have knowledge of OA’s Twelve Traditions
  • Have a knowledge of OA’s Twelve Concepts
  • Currently be abstinent
  • Be or have been an OA IR for a minimum of six months

Typical Committee Chair Duties

Intergroup Rep (IR) Trainer

Facilitate Intergroup Rep effectiveness by creating and using tools to help IRs share within their groups and at Intergroup; maintain a sample “IR notebook” with extra copies of materials for new IRs; maintain and distribute the SoAZ OA “We Care” list; mail out meeting materials to absent IRs; create a process for IR and other Intergroup member sign-up to Intergroup committees; act as designated downloader for SoAZ Intergroup by visiting OA, Inc and other OA websites for appropriate documents to share and attend monthly Intergroup meetings. Encouraged to attend monthly Board meetings and write a newsletter article describing committee responsibilities and activities/achievements.

Meeting List/Zoom Coordinator

Update the online live [Google Sheets] and upload pdf version of the SoAZ meeting directory, manage the SoAZ Zoom accounts and assist meetings with its use as needed.

Newsletter Editor

Create, upload and distribute by email periodic editions of the SoAZ Desert Recovery newsletter featuring recovery-related articles by OA members and information on upcoming OA events.

Public Information/Professional Outreach (PIPO)

Maintain contact with health professionals within our communities.  Attend health fairs and like events with OA members who can share their own experience, strength, and hope.  Create resources such as flyers and OA literature for posting in public venues and sharing at events.

Special Events

Plan and/or oversee events such as IDEA, Unity Day, Sponsorship Day, Thank-A-Thon, and the annual Retreat.  Select venues and purchase or create handouts or props.  Create flyers and communicate with Intergroup members about upcoming events.  Ways and Means is a subcommittee of Special Events.


Update the voicemail greeting on the mailbox of 520-733-0880 as needed and create a committee of members who will each have a day of the week for checking and returning messages.  Create a training document and train new volunteers.  Ask the SoAZ Treasurer for monthly reports of the messages billed.

Twelfth Step Within (TSW)

Plan events that support the TSW committee’s mission of sharing information and ideas that generate recovery within the fellowship.  Select venues and purchase or create handouts or props.  Create flyers and communicate with Intergroup members about upcoming events.


Create content, update and modify existing posts and pages, update WordPress CMS and plugins, maintain the hosting, SSL and domain name and related expenses for Create and post monthly Intergroup Call to Action content.  Encourage usage of the website.

IntergroupThe OA ProgramVolunteer

What is Intergroup?

Intergroup Board Members 2020
Emily R.-S. – Chair
Linda J. – Vice Chair
Cheryl L. – Treasurer
Chris N. – Secretary
Randi – Senior Region Rep and World Service Delegate
Cynthia – Junior Region Rep and World Service Delegate

Monthly Intergroup Call to Action: Please see the first item on the left-hand sidebar, this page.

When several groups form in an area, they soon realize that they can better perform certain functions together rather than separately. So the groups may form an Intergroup that is directly responsible to the groups it serves. For southern Arizona that Intergroup is called Southern Arizona Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous. Intergroups spring from a need to provide service for a number of local groups and better information about OA in a community. Separate Intergroups make up Regions and then the Regions (10 in all) combine to make up the World Service Organization (WSO). Our SoAZ OA is part of the Region III OA. Region III consists of the Southwest Region of the U.S., including the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, southern Nevada and parts of Wyoming and Nebraska.

Intergroup meets on the third Saturday of each month. Anyone can attend – there are no rules about this. The normal makeup of the monthly Intergroup meeting consists of Intergroup Representatives from each OA group in the area when possible, committee chairs, and the Intergroup Board, which is just a description for the trusted servants who occupy the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and SoAZ Region Delegates. Intergroup currently meets at:

SoAZ Intergroup Meeting: The 3rd Saturday of Each Month
by Zoom
(contact Emily R-S for more information)
11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or earlier

Board Position Descriptions and Qualifications are listed in the Bylaws, beginning at the bottom of page 4, and include the following:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Region Representative/Delegate (two to three positions)

Committee Chair Qualifications and Descriptions are in the Bylaws, beginning on page 8 and also here Committee Chair Job Descriptions. These committees include the following:

  • Intergroup Rep Trainer
  • Meeting List
  • Newsletter
  • Public Information and Professional Outreach (PI/PO)
  • Special Events
  • Telephone
  • Twelfth Step Within (TSW)
  • Ways and Means
  • Website

Nomination Forms:

WSO Newsletter for Intergroup: A Step Ahead 

Virtual Region: OA Virtual Region